Aura Colour Reading Cards

A new app for Android phones.

Everything living has an aura. The colours will reflect the thoughts and emotions being experienced. Each colour is symbolic and can give much needed guidance with understanding. Not everyone is fortunate enough to see an aura. These aura colour cards with spiritual guidance will show you different colours in your aura at any one moment and give you some understanding and guidance to help you deal with what you are experiencing.

Aura Colour Reading CardsAura Colour Cards

How to use the cards:

Just relax, clear your mind. Open the app and tap on the card , an Aura colour reading card will reveal itself to you. You may wish to pick one card daily which will show the most prominent colour in your Aura at that moment.  You can pick more than one card as more than one aura colour can be seen around you at anyone time. I Hope these cards will help you gain positivity, clarity and inner strength to help you deal with situations you may be faced with.

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