Vision Board Movies – what and how ?


A Vision Board Movie is a short video containingSL-00 a series of inspirational images and affirmations set to an inspirational music track. The images and affirmations are chosen to match up with what you are trying to manifest into your life. Your movie will convey to your subconscious mind your intention to manifest your 'Vision'. A persons subconscious mind has a great deal of power and influence over their life, their surroundings and their future. Your subconscious mind speaks the language of the universe, the universe can bring anything into existence, just look around you, everything you see, smell and touch has come from and been created by the universe.

SL-02We are all connected to everything any everything is connected to us. It is through this connectedness that your thoughts reach out and things start to change. Emotion is a vital part of manifesting your 'Vision', you must believe your 'Vision' will come true, don't question how or when, just know that it will.Live as if your vision is already here.


Using your Vision Board Movie

Your Vision Board Movie is a powerful way of accessing your subconscious mind and over a period of time can change the way you think. View your Vision Board Movie a number of times each day over a period of several months or however long it takes for your Vision to be realised. The more ambitious your Vision the longer its is likely to take to come to be. Above all remember to believe !

Vision Board Movies - manifest your future

Making a Vision Board Movie

Using our Vision Board Movies software making your movie is easy. Our software is supplied with a number of images and built in affirmations to get you started. There are two ways in which you may make your movie…

  1. Use the Vision Board part of our software to make images for your movie as follows…

    Choose an image for each slide (from the supplied library, your own images or from the internet – right click on an image in your web browser, click 'copy', now from our software click 'picture' then click 'paste') add your affirmations, save your vision board project. Now click 'Print & Save', then click 'Save' browse to your save folder, enter a filename and click 'Save'. You don't need to make that many that many slides, 12 will make a movie of over a minute. Now open Vision Board Movies movie maker, click 'Images' and browse to the folder you saved your slide images and click 'OK'. Now use your new slides to make your movie.


  • Make a folder within the VB Library folder for each movie you make – save your slide images in this folder.

  • Save each slide with a name that indicates its position in the movie eg S01.jpg S02.jpg…

  1. Open Vision Board Movies – movie maker, use the sample images or browse to your own images. Drag and drop slide images onto the story board. Double click on a story board frame, click 'Add affirmation' then click 'Done', add affirmations to all your slides as desired. Add your music and your slide transitions now create your movie.


  • Your images don't need to be larger as the movie will be in the widescreen format and 800 x 450pixels in size. Large images from digital cameras etc will just slow the process down, so you can resize if required.